Legends behind the name Ekadanta

We are often asked the story behind our designs and names of the t-shirt designs. Our designs are mostly inspired by the Hindu mythological stories. One of our designs, Ekadanta Eshanputra has also ignited many questions in people’s mind.  Today, we’ll try to answer as many questions as possible. Although this artwork depicts the birth story of Lord Ganesha and his first encounter with his father, Lord Shiva, we are gonna talk about the story behind the name, Ekadanta too.  
Lord Shiva was not aware of Lord Ganesha’s birth. One day when Goddess Parvati was taking bath, she needed someone to guard the chambers. So she asked Ganesha to guard the gates for her. After completing his long session of Meditation Lord Shiva came to meet Parvati to her chamber. Following his mother’s orders, Ganesha blocked him from entering. Unknown to the fact that Ganesha is his son, Lord Shiva attacks him and behead him. When Parvati comes out and asks Lord Shiva to undo what he had done or to bring her son back to life.  Lord Shiva sends all his soldiers to bring him the first living creature who is sleeping with its head to the north. After a long hunt, they find a baby elephant and they bring it to him. Hence, Lord Shiva gives Ganesha the head of an elephant.
Lord Ganesha has around 108 names according to Hindu Mythology - Vinayak, Ganapati, Kapila, etc. being a few. Ekadanta means - ‘One Toothed’. However, as far as the number of legends behind the name Ekadanta is concerned, there are many.
According to one of the legends, Gods asked Sage Vyas to write the epic called ‘Mahabharata’. The Sage wanted the most knowledgeable person to write it down for him and everyone suggested Lord Ganesha’s name. Lord Ganesha agreed on one condition that Sage Vyas will have to narrate the epic in one go to which sage agreed to keep forward his condition too. He wanted Lord Ganesha to first understand the meaning of every hymn and then write it. But the wisest Lord Ganesha was so absorbed in the pic that he wrote the hymns even before the sage could think of the next. This neverending enormous task leads to the wearing out of the pen but the task couldn’t stop so Lord Ganesha broke one of his tusks and finished the task that he signed up for.
According to Padma Purana after winning a battle against kshatriyas, Parshuram, Lord Shiva’s ardent devotee came to Lord Shiva to inform him. Lord Shiva Meditating and asked Lord Ganesha to guard the gates. When Lord Ganesha restricted him from entering Parshuram was offended and attacked him with his axe named Parshu that was gifted to him by Lord Shiva. Ganesha recognised his father’s gift to Parshuram and didn’t defend himself in his honour and it axed one of the tusks of Ganesha.
There are a few more tales behind Lord Ganesha’s Name Ekadanta but these two are the most recognised.

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