Pallab Baruah

Hailing from Assam, India and currently New Delhi-based, I had my interests in Art since my early budding years. This unwavering passion for art compelled me to take up Fashion Designing as my career as I completed my graduation from INIFD New Delhi, India. But somewhere in between, being buried in hectic office apparel designing works, I lost myself as the burning desire for art and paintings in me wasn’t extinguished but rather started burning profusely. So I delved into the world of art again, started making wall-arts and sketches and then I managed to grab some eyeballs when I submitted my entry to the International Red Bull Doodle Art Championship. Mostly dealing with mythological characters/stories and abstract artworks with intricate detailing

The Story behind my Art


The Aghoris and their mystical realm. This artwork was created as a tribute to the great Ambubachi Mela. Ambubachi Mela emerges as the epicenter of worshipping the Cosmic feminist energy in the ancient land of Pragjyotishpura (present day Assam). 
In the first three days of the festival the temple remains closed because according to belief that Mother Earth goes through annual menstrual cycle during this time. And in these three days people from all across the country come to Guwahati and camp around the temple which is situated on the Nilachal Hills. Even ‘sadhus’ or holy men of tantric cult come out of their seclusion for the festival. 
The cleansing happens on the 4th day, the temple is opened, and devotees receive blessings and prasad. It is a celebration similar to Mother’s Day where we honour our mother, making her feel special, loved, and cared.

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