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Way back in 1993 I was first introduced to psychedelic art at home in Goa, my father bought a British tabloid home called the SUN. In it was an article on the parties happening a couple of beaches away from my home, the article had paintings of the master ALEX GREY. 
I was in awe of this style of art, so began my journey into exploration and visions of my own through psychedelic experiences. Since then I have developed this hybrid style of ensemblage by connecting it to semantic energy and Indian mysticism. I take simple stories and tell them in a complex manner. The idea here being is to “ ACTIVATE CONSCIOUSNESS” a life long project.

Aztec God

XōCHIPILLI ( AZTEC GOD ) In Aztec mythology. Xōchipilli is the god ART, SONG,DANCE, BEAUTY , AND FLOWERS. His name itself contains words xōchitl ("flower") and pilli (either "prince" or "child"), and hence means "flower prince". The sun Carved a talisman known as an oyohualli, which was a teardrop-shaped pendant crafted out of mother-of-pearl on his forehead. He has a twin sister Xōchiquetzal as one of the gods responsible for fertility and Food. He married a human girl Mayahuel. One summer night Xōchipilli fell very sick one day and was not cureable. Mayahuel prayed to the Stars above to save his life, in return she danced for three hundred days straight without a stop. Her feet were covered in blood from the dancing but it also crushed the flowers beneath. A liquid produced from the crushed flower and her blood mixed together to form a very potent psychoactive traditional medecin of the humas. Mayahuel poured this liquid on a leaf and fed her husband Xōchipilli a single drop. Magically he was cured . Xōchipilli to thank her would make millions butter flies kiss her as a gesture of his love.

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Aztec God Sublimation

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