My name is Jondix, that's who I am. Before Jondix, I was another person. My “baptism” made me the human I am now. During one of the art reunions I used to attend with my friends Ciruelo Cabral, Eva Blank, Heinrich and others, this name came up as a joke, but a year later when Ciruelo published a new book, he used it in the credits and I thought it was a sign and that's how it started to affect me and change my mind in a more artistic way than before.
I can do Tibetan and Thai styles and I can manage some geometrical tattoos. I don't care anymore about styles. Good tattoos are good tattoos. I also like strange tattoos. Everything is an illusion... If you like a tattoo, you like it and that's it. If “reality” is what you can feel, smell, taste and see, then “reality” is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain. 

The Story behind my Art

J Skull

Jskull was inspired by one of my Tattoo Designs. Skull - Like Tattoos, Death is permanent. Skulls are a constant reminder of the fleeting nature of life. In a way, this brevity allows life—and skull tattoos—to be more beautiful.

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