Jalaj, aka Acid Monkey has been making artworks for the dreamers with an intense attention to the details and storyline. He believes in a learning curve and inspiration for the viewers from every artwork so to speak. Nothing is without a purpose.
Currently, Acid Monkey has been working on multiple projects ranging from Tattooing , Apparel and Digital story board designs (Lucid Monkey).
He has been developing on his style of tattooing - Futuristic Symbolism, which is minimal, fresh and bold. We can expect future clothing designs to hold his new style as well. Working in studios across Sri Lanka, Nepal, India and Turkey, we can see the evolution of style and gain in experience with every new artwork.
Ultra Tribe X Acid Monkey magic is just starting. Stay tune

The Story behind my Art

Garudra Yantra

In these forgetful times of our ancient values, the Garudra Yantra has been set to inspire and spread Selflessness as one of the principles of Human Evolution.
During the quest to free his mother 'Vinata' from the abode of snakes and servitude, Garuda proceeded to Celestials for The Nectar of Immortality. A fierce battle ensued with Indra, Yakshas, Rudras...and Garudra defeated them all. He selflessly started the journey back to his mother without consuming even one drop from the nectar. This act of selflessness was seen by Vishnu The Supreme, who made Garudra - The God of Birds. And put Selflessness in high regards for the entire universe. 

Merchandise by Jalaj Chhabra

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