Artist Name -Ryche
I  started creating digital art around '99-'00 while lurking on some of the early online forums, mostly following artists working in the metal scene. Engaging with psychedelia (both as an experience, and as a philosophical body of thought tracing back millennia) helped my art practice to evolve, and over the last decade it has settled into a strange ethno-futurist take on the surrealist visionary style.

I work a lot with musicians and the broader community, developing album and concept art, stage designs, festival decor and visual content for live shows. My personal experiments take many forms - often through projects executed by our studio OnSeed - spanning from apparel to architectural projections, and murals to interactive installations. My work here at Ultratribe gives me another opportunity to try something visually new, and share some of my art back with the community that nurtures and inspires it.

The Story behind my Art

Unity of Spirit

This artwork tries to visually capture a sense of how, when in a state of meditative trance, we manage to unify all our different levels of existence into a single force residing within our core. Once we familiarise ourselves with this force and learn to wield it, it then rejuvenates us and spreads outwards affecting all that we come into contact with. Irrespective of what happens in the material world, if we keep our spirit and our soul unified and actively present, the human existence will keep improving and moving forward.

Are you an artist yourself? Looking to Collaborate?  Feel free to send us a message at ultratribeapparel@gmail.com!