Know About Your Artwork

Currently studying fine arts from Delhi college of arts in New Delhi, I've been into arts every since I was in school and not just fine arts but pottery, handicrafts, making jeweler, hand poke tattooing, Wall art I've let my interest flow in every direction possible. But to all of the above mentioned I've spent most of my time practicing visionary arts. Before I would just be drawing something I know that exist or I've seen before in the physical world but then some of the most beautiful psychedelic experiences I've had in my life let my perspective change so much towards things that now its so beautiful to be able to paint my own visions and be fully aware. I grew up listening to classic rock and was a big fan of Jim Morrison from where I slowly started to get more knowledge bout psychedelics. Instill very new to technology and digital art since I've always been a manual artist. But my curiosity to always learn new things in art has made me go so deep into it that I literally just give all my time creating and practicing new forms of art and experimenting new things. Psychedelics has widen up my vision so much and made me so patient I love spending time alone doing art. Visionary art not only gives me the freedom to draw my imagination, visions and dreams into being but also express the thoughts in my mind that are almost impossible to expand in words.