RAVE 101: What to expect from your First Rave Party

RAVE 101: What to expect from your First Rave Party - Ultra Tribe


When we discuss the Rave culture, the first image that pops to the mind is a picture of young adults who like partying and are heavily drugged wearing skin-tight outfits and hanging around. Rave culture initially came to light way back in 1950 in the UK and expanded to the US at a later stage in 1980.

Raves include music dance parties that lasts all night, featuring performances from DJs or live music performers. These party usually take place in dark rooms that are filled with laser lights, high flashing lights, heavy bass sounds. Raves also experience the presence of multiple DJs playing different types of music.

1. Fun Loving People

The people at these shows are there to have a great time. You can have a great time, surrounded by people who share your vibe, are there to have fun and experience some quality music.

2. The Music is loud

The music at rave parties are usually very loud so if you are sensitive to loud sounds it’s best you stay prepared! Make sure you carry along a trippy pair of ear muffs while going for the show because it will be worth it.

3. You can Wear what truly expresses your character

Costumes are a part of dance culture. Comfortable clothing because you are going to dance all night.

Also something that is really original, that expresses who you are.

You can wear something skin-revealing, there are no rules in raves, and it feels good to let the skin breathe when it gets really hot inside the building. And then don't forget to also bring a warm sweater for the morning. It can be really comforting on the ride back home.

4. A Friendly Movement

The Rave, home to a lovely family of strangers, where empathy gives birth to kindness.

One of the first impressions that new ravers have is complete amazement at the intense empathy between fellow party goers and the kind and friendly way they all treat each other.

But, is it possible for people to treat each other as though they are all family, even when they have never met before?

Yes! at a rave it is!

How? Well, ravers follow the PLUR mantra An acronym of Peace, Love, Unity, Respect, and a code of conduct!

5. Stunning Performances


What brings us to an EDM festival? Obviously the music!

When your favorite artists are on the lineup, don’t miss this opportunity to rage at their stage.

International or local recognized or brand new artists, each one gives it all on stage and that passion makes raves all the more extraordinary.

Right at the moment when you first hear the sound of your favorite hit covering the whole crowd your body will feel a burst of adrenaline like never before.

Also, they are held in massive venues, where there is no place for judgments, prejudices or loneliness and that’s the reason why, for many, raves are considered a therapy during hard times.

...So, are you ready for it?

Go ahead and rave on!

Bask in the excitement your first event and become part of the PLUR culture.

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