Psychedelia Of The Northern Lights

Psychedelia Of The Northern Lights - Ultra Tribe

The What?
Northern lights or ‘Aurora’ are natural is a natural light that can be seen in the sky, mostly in the Arctic or Antarctic (high latitude) regions. Now having said this, it’s not like you can just walk up the Arctic or Antarctic and expect to be blessed with a sight of the polar lights. Anyone who expects to see the northern lights and make it back safe and sound should get in touch with the locals, know their geography, be good at navigation and be well prepared for all possible contingencies.

The Where?
Norway is the most pragmatic place for people to witness the Aurora. Specifically, the northern part of Norway, Tromso. Tromso is a known northern light viewing territory. There are many trips organized here frequently and people from all over the world come to witness this nature’s marvel. If you’re the bold and adventurous kind of bloke, then Svalbard’s long polar night in January and February, let’s you witness the aurora almost 24/7. Just make sure you don’t run into any polar bears. And make sure you maintain the sanctity of the place. Do Not Litter.

The How?
Even though our sun is more than 93 million miles away, it’s effect can be seen and felt far beyond its physical surface. It radiates warmth and energy from its very core for millions of miles. Forever raging storms on the sun sends out gusts of charged solar particles, some of these particles end entering the magnetic field of our planet earth. When the charged particles from the sun hit the atoms and molecules in the earth’s atmosphere, they excite those atoms making them light up in different fluorescent colors. This massive collective phenomenon is called the northern lights or polar lights or the Aurora.
The Psychedelia?
There have been various renditions of the northern lights by painters, musicians, photographers, and other artists. The horseshoe-shaped holographic lights made of excited greens, bright browns, and subtle reds dissolve into each other, swivel and shape-shift over the Arctic region to give a marvel of nature whose beauty is unparalleled. The psychedelic characteristics of this phenomena are well documented by historians, arts and physicists. To know more:

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