Into the Psyche of Psychedelic Art

Into the Psyche of Psychedelic Art - Ultra Tribe

Even at the mention of the word ‘psychedelic’, a trippy vibe facilitated in an ultra hippy realm is drawn in our imagination. Besides the vibe, the psychedelic universe  revolves around illusions and creates an aura of heedfulness. The art form is generally denoted as drug-soaked, aesthetic representation beautified with multicolored patterns crafted out of the minds of perceivable beings.

Art can take many forms. The most common spheres of artistic culture are seen in the field of music and can be felt in the concrete surface of sculptures while caressing it with our fingers.

The psychedelic art form is often denoted as an amalgamation of illusions and hallucinations combined with altered conscious. The dictionary meaning of the word ‘psychedelic’ is noted as “mind manifesting” as coined by British psychologist Humphry Osmond. In other words, art induced with psychedelic elements can be defined as the piece of art that is directed by the inner psyche of its curator. We often find ourselves doodling, scribbling and even painting the innermost feelings which are sometimes too fearful to speak out loud or must remain concealed.

With a deep sense of perception and a brave move to depict the innermost feeling so explicitly, artists involved in the psychedelic galaxy are the curators of art that comes straight from the different levels of consciousness. Psychedelic art is one of the pathways that can be traced back to the unconscious or subconscious mind of the producer and help understand what is kept under the locks of secrecy. This form of art comes from within and portrays what is revolving in the psyche of the individual. It is often distinguished with abstract figures, bold colors and a sense of bravery. Artists practicing this trippy form of art is often observant of their environs and inhales what all he perceives from any external stimuli. They are thriving hard to be extravagant in their displays and it takes emotions and insights to create something unimaginable on the canvas. The impact of psychedelic culture is overseen in comic books, music, paintings and even in the fashion industry. Psychedelic movement started centuries ago and has made its way into the clothing vertical. Illusion induced apparels are very much in vogue ever since its emergence and grab eyeballs of many psychedelic hearts. The designs are visually captivating and create an aura of immense creativity that evokes the mind with altered alertness.

The beauty of psychedelic art lies within its abstract designs, bold color palette and an enormous profusion of emotions and experiences.

Embrace the art and let it dive into your being!


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