Goa Trance - How It All Started

Goa Trance - How It All Started - Ultra Tribe

The underground music that came overground and rapidly gained popularity in the 1990s - Goa Trance. Its existence has been traced back to the 60s and 70s. It is believed to have originated from the beaches of Goa. Its roots go back to rock and acid genre and it comes under Electronic Dance Music. It has developed its own niche in the last two decades and has distinct fandom altogether.

Most of the trance music has developed in Europe but this special fast-paced trance. It’s called hippies’ Trance or 604 Trance. No party is complete without Goa trance. This music genre originated from parties, for party people to party. It has that magnetic pull that attracts people towards it and everybody especially, party peeps develop an instant liking for it.

As far as the history and origin of Goa Trance is concerned, this genre is liked to the growing hippie culture in Goa in the late 60s. With the increasing number of all-night week-long parties on the beaches of Goa, a bigger and rich subculture started breeding in Goa. Artists and hippies from all across the world started turning up and the party scenario made way for this new form of music that people actually started liking. They didn’t understand it neither could they catch it in the beginning but its melody and eastern scales made the music catchy and different.


Goa trance travelled with the party goers and DJs all across the globe and this underground music went viral and eventually gained popularity in the mainstream scenario too. From Goa to Brazil, Australia, Israel, and Europe, it travelled everywhere. Big music magazines and record housed started noticing it and were not untouched of its awesomeness.

Even though Goa Trance comes from the family of Psy Trance there is a huge difference in the music. There’s a melodious tonality in the Goa Trance and a touch of metal and acid to the psytrance - the music nerds will get the nuances very clearly. However, common people tend to believe that psychedelic trance is a contemporary name given to Goa Trance. Nonetheless, these two again are different from other trance music. As far as the visual language is concerned Goa Trance is supported by fluorescent hues, designs with the pictures of Hindu gods and depicting Indian mythology. You’ll find the DJ cabin also designed on the same lines.

If you aren’t acquainted with goa trance yet you must plug in your hands-free right away and listen to this crazy music. We ourselves are a huge fan of the genre and follow it wholeheartedly.

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